Aapo Haavisto


These were the first words that got me in touch with being a teekkari in September 2021, of course shouted by my Fuksi Captains. I didn’t know anything about teekkaris’ or Otaniemi back then. During my Fuksi year I have participated in amazing events, became a member of teekkari society and experienced unforgettable moments. I find my fuksi year to be one of the very best years in my life. The Fuksi Captains were creating all this and I myself wanna be making sure that the fuksis ’23 will experience a fuksi year as good as mine. The Fuksi Captains have great power and with it comes great responsibility in welcoming new fuksis as part of the teekkari society.

I am Aapo Haavisto, a second year student studying Chemistry and Material Science and I am applying to be the Prosessiteekkarit Fuksi Captain ’23. I want to organize an unforgettable fuksi year for fuksis ’23 and teach them what it means to be a teekkari. To me being a teekkari is all about the unity and not taking things too seriously.

I think i would be a great fit for this position because I live in the moment, get along with all kinds of people and I am actually interested in teekkari culture. The job certaintly has many aspects that I don’t know about or can’t do yet, but luckily I’m enthusiastic and a fast learner.

I have had some responsibilities in Otaniemi. For example I have been a tutor. I was also the leader of the Otatarha Grand Prix team, and in the spring I was the fuksipeijaiset’ captain. I also applied to be an apuIE, but sadly didn’t get chosen. I have experience of watching after kids thanks to my siblings. ☺

I must admit that I’m also applying to be the Fuksi Captain for selfish reasons. I have some friends in FTMK in I have enviously watched how much fun they have had together. In some events I have also stumbled across some of the old Fuksi Captains and I would like to be part of that continuum.

Time as a Fuksi Captain won’t necessarily be easy all the time, and that’s where a good Captain partner comes in. That’s why I am applying together with Melissa Valjakka. I think me and Melissa complete each other in our qualities. Melissa completes my shortages and helps for examples with my time management (as she did with this application). I bring an idea-rich indulger to our duo.

I know that during the Fuksi Captain year there isn’t much time for school, but that wouldn’t be a problem for me because in my fuksi year I did 82 credits and this autumn I’ll get about 40. So my studies wouldn’t be delayed because of my possible choosing for the job.

I hope I’ll get chosen as the Fuksi Captain of Prosessiteekkarit, because I would bring my energetic and open person and I am truly interested in teekkari culture.

If you have any questions about my application feel free to contact me in telegram @aapphaavisto!

1. If you were Fuksi Captain, what would your goal for the next 1.5 years be? How would you develop the different aspects of fuksi activities? What would you like to keep?

To do my job as well as possible, that is to organize an unforgettable fuksi year for the fuksis and to get them to be members of the teekkari society. My personal goals would be to get to know board work, to get experience and to enjoy the job. Of fuksi activities, I would like to keep the tested and well received events and for example PäleWarttis. I wouldn’t change the fuksi activities radically. I’m sure there are some aspects that can be improved, in my opinion the best way to do that would be to listen to the feedback given to the current Fuksi Captains by fuksis.

2. Students who do not feel that they belong to a community or have relationships with their fellow students at the beginning of their studies often lag behind in their studies. How do you manage to integrate all fuksis into a community or help them to find their own group of friends?

The first chance to find friends for all fuksis is their own fuksi group. If friends aren’t found within one’s own fuksi group, they may be found in PT:s events or in event’s held together with other guilds. I think in at least in the checkpoint crawls held in autumn the groups could be formed randomly so that people wouldn’t always go with their small friend group but were “forced” to get to know some other fuksis. Of course this wouldn’t be done for the whole year, just in the beginning. And if people won’t find people with similar interests to them from PT, they will surely be found in associations that are presented in different events.

3. Given the large amount of PT fuksis and the possible increase in intake next year, how would you prepare for the above questions?

The increase in the amount of fuksis taken in would certaintly create some new challenges. More participants would create some limits for the spaces they are held in, the events may become more chaotic and ensuring a single fuksis wellbeing becomes harder. On the other hand, more fuksis increase the chance to find friends. In checkpoint crawls, the bigger amount of fuksis won’t cause too much trouble, because there isn’t much space neede for the checkpoints. The only problem may be the afterparty space. If spaces are needed, and there isn’t a big enough available it is possible in special cases to for example divide the event into two days, where half of the fuksis participate in the first day and the other half on the second. This wouldn’t be ideal, because more work is needed and the fuksis wonät be able to meet everyone else. Greater amount of fuksis makes it harder for the Captains to be informed about the situation of fuksis through for example PäleWarttis. This is why the tutors should have a bigger responsibility of it.

4. How would you ensure equality between Finnish- and English-speaking bachelor fuksis?

Of course all the newsletters and stuff like that will be made both in English and Finnish. The interacting between Finnish and English speaking fuksis can be enhanced with events, where both would be mixed in groups. A fully English event for all fuksis can also be considered. There are also certainly many more issues and proposed solutions to them that I don’t know of and these can be discussed with the responsible for international students.

5. Being Fuksi Captain is teamwork. What kind of partner would you like for yourself and what kind of partner would you be? How would you maintain good atmosphere and working habits with your partner?

To me a partner I would like to work with holds his/her word, is creative and takes the job seriously but not in all earnestness. The other one has to be able to brainstorm ideas, get the job done and of course to have fun. I don’t want either one of the pair to do significantly more than the other one. One has to be considerate for the other one though, and once in a while each has to take some extra work off the other one. I myself would of course fill the same demands that I have place on the other one. I would maintain good atmosphere with my partner by taking the other one into account, by listening and by talking.


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