Anna Savola


I’m Anna, a third-year student and majoring in Bioproducts! I’m also a Prosessiteekkari, which pretty much describes the upcoming text as I’m applying to be PT’s next Spokesperson-Secretary!

But why am I applying? Well working communication is one of the most important things when it comes to associations. I already have some experience on informing a large group of people as I’ve been this year’s ISO officer! Important aspects in communication are scheduling, content, and reminders (usually many of them). After the BIG C we have had many different events organized by associations, different guilds, firms, and clubs, which means there is a lot of information coming from every direction. That’s why I feel like I could put my skills in organizing and scheduling in use!

I think PT’s communication, social media and visual side are working very well, and the balance between weekly newsletters and communicating via Telegram has worked and I’d like to continue it so! Many might skip the weekly newsletter in their email so small infoslides and shorter weeklies in Telegram and Instagram are quite useful.

I want to play my part in making sure that PT’s social media and web site are up to date and visually pleasing and that they are an important part of the team spirit we have among PT. The best parts of social media are the endless possibilities and ideas you can use in communicating with the members and possible future prosessiteekkaris. The photos of our awesome events matter to me, and I’d like to make sure we have photos of all the events for members to see, one picture tells a thousand words, right? Our English-speaking members are of great importance to me, especially now when the number of Chem Eng -students is rising. That’s why I want to make sure we have all the materials and infos in both languages, so that everyone’s included!

And the most important thing: I know for sure that there’ll be a lot to learn, but I cannot wait to learn new things and develop myself!

P.S. I was a secretary in the board of our pupil’s council in elementary school! Useful, perhaps?


Anna (not the same Anna as in this year’s board), I want to do my part for our association and be active, PT’s next spokesperson-secretary 2023?

If you have any questions, throw a question in the comments or dm me in telegram @annasavola 🙂

1. What makes successful and effective communication possible? How can urgent information be brought to the attention of the entire association as quickly as possible?

Like I said above, I believe content, scheduling and reminders are keys to successful and effective communication. The main info should be found easily in texts, and the communication and information should be sent at a time where there wouldn’t be other messages sent at the same time, for example. Reminders are important as there’s a lot of information floating around. The best way to bring urgent information to the attention of the entire association as quickly as possible should be done via Telegram. To maximize the reachability, the info could be sent to multiple channels and groups.

2. Do you find something to develop regarding PT’s websites or weeklynewsletters? If yes: what? If no: why not?

Usually, the weekly newsletters take quite long to read, so there’s a lot of info and it’s important to find the latest updates and events easily, I’ve really liked this year’s system of pointing out which of the info texts are new! I could see a TL; DR part being useful in the weekly newsletter, which contains the most important info and dates in the upcoming week. I think the website is working as well as it should! It’s very easy to find the links to ilmomasiina, photo gallery and calendar, which probably are the most popular links on the website. I’d like to make sure that the website is up to date and that there’s no old info floating around, and the latest info could also be found on the website for members to check.

3. How important do you see the use of social media as part of the association’s information and visibility? Should the use of some platform be further increased or should the association use some new social media channel?

Social media is quite relevant in making our association visible to members and others. Instagram has been one of the most important platforms, and we should keep up posting there! Both small info snippets and photos and video clips of different events, maybe even my days of our members! That’s why we should put our effort into our ” basic” platforms, just like Instagram! TikTok and similar platforms are a lot of fun and especially good in marketing our association and field, but Instagram is the perfect replacement. We could even do a survey of what is considered the best way to market and post content!

4. Information committee has a wide range of officials and there can be found several different units. How would you ensure the share of information and the division of work in your committee? Is there any specific unit of Information committee that you would like to develop?

To ensure the proper sharing of information and the division of your work in the committee, I’d obviously create common channels and groups so that everyone has the same information as is needed. There are many officials who are working on ProTeesi, our association’s magazine, and it’s important that their communication is working properly. I’d also hope to have many motivated officials working on ProTeesi as I think our magazine unites the members and looks like Prosessiteekkarit!


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