Annika West

Heimooi! I’m Annika, a second-year prosessiteekkari majoring in bioproducts. I’m applying for the Head of International and Master’s Affairs, because after working as a CHEM Eng ISO this fall, I’ve gained many new perspectives on the important international work of process engineers, and I’d like to be able to carry forward my ideas and maintain and develop the adaptation of exchange students of Prosessiteekkarit, as well as students from abroad, to our community and to the teekkari culture. In addition to my CHEM Eng tutoring, I have worked as a tutor for the technology pathway in my fuksi year, and helped students of open university in the application process. Also as part of a great team, organized proper party music and lights for last spring’s Kavitaatio. I’m leaving for an exchange next spring, so at the beginning of the position I’d help remotely, but in the fall I’ll be present an experience wiser 🙂

1. Head of International and Master’s Affairs is relatively new member in PT’s board. What things do you see as the most important tasks of Head of International and Master’s Affairs and how would you develop this role?

The most important task of the Head of international and master’s affairs is to make our international students feel welcome to our amazing community. It is important to organise many, high quality events where different cultural backgrounds and languages are taken into account and where it’s easy for our exchange students and English bachelors to get to know other students and each other. I would improve this role by cooperating even more with the fuksi captains, so that especially all the events of the fuksi year would be as low-threshold events as possible for everyone, and where the need for the English language would be taken into account from the beginning.

2. How would you ensure the equality of Finnish- and English-speaking students in the activities of the association?

I would take care of equality by promoting the interests of English-speaking students at association meetings, when organizing events and by being an approachable person if English-speaking students experience challenges when attending events or otherwise finding their own place in our motley crew.

3. How could international students and English-speaking bachelor students be encouraged to participate in the activities of the association? In general, how would you encourage all members to participate in international activities?

I would encourage students to come up with their own suggestions what kind of events they would like and what their thoughts are about how it would be easier for them to participate in events. I noticed during my ISO-year that many English bachelor fuksis mainly prefer sober events organized in English, so I would try to organize those events in the future. I would encourage the members to participate in international activities by highlighting international events as best as possible on various media channels.

4. A committee is being planned for responsibles of English B.Sc. students in technology. Do you think PT needs such an official and what do you think their role in the association and PT’s international committee would be?

PT needs such a responsible, because when the number of exchange students is increasing again after the difficult covid years, and also when the intake of international students is increasing, it is important that there are more people taking care of their role in the association. I see that role as an important part of the association as a person who has close contact with English B.Sc. and knows their studies and can bring the perspective of English B.Sc. to the activities of the association and to the PT’s international committee. However, the course options for CHEM Eng students and the wholes differ considerably from the Finnish studies, so it is good if a part of the whole is a person who knows these things better. 


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