Candidate: Eveliina Palo

Hello dear members of PT! I am Eveliina Palo, a fourth-year student, and I am applying to become the former of the board for the next year. I am currently finishing my bachelor’s studies in Bioproducts and starting my masters in Biomass refining. I was a member of the board in 2021 as Fuksi Captain and have also worked in several official positions in our association.

I aspire to become the former of the board, because I want to affect in the association in the future as well. As the chair of the board my main values would be the wellbeing of board members and officials as well as equality in all of PT’s activities. I think the utilization of our many officials has already improved during this ongoing year, and I want to promote this progress further, so that no board member ends up with a workload too big to handle. The association has after all plenty of active and competent officials, that are entitled to some responsibility.

I think I would fit well as the Chair of the Board, since I’m a natural leader with good social skills. I genuinely care about people and I want to support every board member to succeed in their position, but I also have the courage to point out any issues. As Fuksi Captain, I got very familiar with how the board works and my scheduling and organizational skills improved tremendously. I believe I could guide and support the new board well. Prosessiteekkarit is a very important association for me, and I want to do my best, so that our activities would be fun and rewarding for all our members.

I’m happy to answer any questions either on this election site or privately via Telegram @evepalo or email! You can also come to talk to me, if you see me at the Process room or elsewhere on the campus 🙂

See you around!


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