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Helojata Hello!

My name is Efua Yawson, also known as Efu 😉 and hopefully one of the next host&hostess of PT. I am a second year student and my major is Chemical and Processes Engineering. My first year was quite busy. I spent my time in different kinds of events and I was a host&hostess helper of the association. My second year has started with the same enthusiasm so I thought what would be a better idea than applying to the PT’s board for the role of the Host.

I think that PT has a lot of different styles of events, and it has been nice to participate in each one of them. As a host&hostess’s helper I have already seen what is required to organize events. I have also been as ISO and I was one of the heads of Kavitaatio 2022. I have liked those jobs and that’s why I feel that I would be good as the next IE. As an IE I would like make sure that every CHEM student would enjoy to participate in the association’s events. For me it’s important to maintain the variety of the events and develop them if possible.

The most important part of planning and organizing events is teamwork which is why the best hostess for this host would be Nathaniel Silberstein. Nalle and I met during the orientation week in our fuksi year and since then we have supported each other in different areas of life. Nalle and I have many things in common, but I think our strengths are communication and approachability.

Every host&hostess need a number of helpers by their side and it would be important for me to create a relaxed but active and efficient atmosphere in the event committee. It’s important make sure that everybody has a comfortable and respected feeling to organize events and other activities of the association.

If you have any questions or something else you would want to say to me, you can send a message on Telegram @efuuuy

1. In general, how do you see the event selection of our association? What kind of events would you like to organize? Should some events be deleted, edited, or imported as new?

In my opinion our association has a wide range of different styles of events. I actively went to events when I was a Fuksi and I don’t think any event needs to be deleted completely. However, I believe that you can always try to improve events, but the changes don’t necessarily have to be radical. Even a small change can be a big change 😄

2. How would you take international students into account at events?

I think this is an important question. Often when Finnish is the language of the majority, English-speaking participants may be forgotten. It would be good to organize events where international students and Finnish speakers could hang out with each other using the same language. I would be interested in hearing the experiences and suggestions for improvement of events from the Head of International and Masters’ Affairs and international students.

3. Being host and hostess is teamwork. What kind of partner would you like for yourself and what kind of partner would you be? How would you maintain good atmosphere and working habits with your partner?

I would like a partner with whom we can share our views on different issues. I would like our communication work without any problems. I myself would try to support and listen my partner as best as possible. Being Host&Hostess can be stressful at times, so it’s important that Host&Hostess doesn’t start releasing stress on each other (or on other board members or on anyone ). It’s important to keep a positive vibe. Host&Hostess will be spending many hours of the week together so it would be nice if my partner and I could sometimes just relax together. However, it’s also important to spend free time alone.

4. Event committee has a wide range of officials and some of them work more independent than others, Party Responsibles for instance. How would you ensure the communication and fair work distribution in your committee?

For events to run as smoothly as possible, the flow of information and division of work must be clear to everyone. I think it’s important to write down the different areas of responsibility and agree on what each person’s job is. I would like to make sure that everyone gets work equally and no one has to burn their self out. Communication plays an important part. I consider myself an easy-to-approach and understanding, so I hope to have an open atmosphere in the committee.


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