Nathaniel Silberstein

Heimoi and Hello! My name is Nalle Silberstein, a second-year student, Prosessiteekkari, and if one believes in premonitions, PT’s next hostess. I’ve been active in PT and have taken part in most activities ever since my own kickoff, and during the past year my excitement for our wonderful events has only grown. During my time as a helper host has my eagerness not just increased, but I have learned a surprising amount regarding the planning and organization of different events and happenings and would love to take the next step forward and be able to realize these wonderful events for the year to come.

I’ve gained previous work experience in restaurants, and handling larger events isn’t entirely new either. So, it’s safe to say that I’m no stranger to galloping around a kitchen.

But because every hostess needs an equally brilliant host, I’m applying together with Efua Yawson. We’ve gotten along more than perfectly ever since our own orientation week and have had some mutual adventures during this past year. When we communicate as if through telepathy, there’s hardly the possibility of a mistakes, and our team spirit is only growing and growing. But since we need a team to share our team spirit with, we naturally need a small army to help us with our enormous ambitions, which is why we need helper hosts and hostesses consisting of equally ambitious Prosessiteekkaris.

If I were to be elected, I’d naturally make sure that our upcoming events would go as smoothly as they have thus far, and that there wouldn’t be too many boring moments. If there were enough interest, time, and eagerness, I’d be keen to organize more events with other guilds.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions that might arise on Telegram, @nallesilberstein

1. In general, how do you see the event selection of our association? What kind of events would you like to organize? Should some events be deleted, edited, or imported as new?

I feel that we have a great variety and selection of events, and I hope everyone can find something they’d enjoy participating in. Although the fuksis are incredibly important, and I’m incredibly thrilled to welcome new students to Aalto, I’d like to acknowledge older students as well, and arrange events directed towards members that have progressed further in their studies. I personally don’t see a need to remove or rework any events, with the exception that I’d like to acknowledge people who don’t speak Finnish, especially at sitsis.

2. How would you take international students into account at events?

I’ve been happy with the information regarding events this far, and hope to keep up the same standard in the future. I think it’d be amazing if we could arrange some events entirely in English for the entire guild, so that no one would feel estranged or left out due to Finnish being the language mostly used. This could however be a bit difficult to achieve, and I’d love the input of international students regarding the organization and actualising these events, if they were needed. I’d also like to make sure that, especially at events where there are participants who don’t speak Finnish, English wouldn’t be forgotten and that everyone had the possibility to participate in both English and Finnish.

3. Being host and hostess is teamwork. What kind of partner would you like for yourself and what kind of partner would you be? How would you maintain good atmosphere and working habits with your partner?

In a partner I respect and admire openness, teamwork, patience, good communication skills and the ability to stay organized. Although work can sometimes be hectic, if not outright chaotic, I’d hope that my partner could stay calm under some pressure, and keep a positive attitude. A huge plus is a partner I’d get along with outside of the IE tasks, who’d be encouraging and with whom communication would be fun and smooth. As for me, I’m good at dividing tasks, and it’s important for me to make sure who does what, and set clear goals. Im not afraid to delegate tasks, or to let others know when I have too much on my plate, or if I’m simply don’t have the energy to take one more tasks. I take other peoples opinions into account, and find it important  to discuss openly and plan well with my partner. I’m however not scared to say no, or to voice my opinion when something is of importance to me, but I still try to not step on peoples toes. I’d try to keep things light by being open and calm, compromising when needed and remembering to take time off and time to ourselves.

4. Event committee has a wide range of officials and some of them work more independently than others, Party Responsibles for instance. How would you ensure the communication and fair work distribution in your committee?

It’s obviously important to take everyone into account, just because the related work is more individual, doesn’t mean that they should be alone. It’s always better to make sure that everyone is doing alright, and that everyone has received all relevant and needed information. Keeping documents, sheets and instructions ensures that everyone can backtrack and double check in order to stay on the same page. Naturally a good team with a good team spirit is essential, so it’s easier to get along and ask for help when needed. I’d also make sure that the workload would be divided equally, and to emphasise that it’s okay to ask for help, to say if you’re exhausted or tired, or to just simply say no. If someone had a significantly smaller workload than someone else, id ask if they were willing to help out and take on some additional responsibility. I’d of course help when possible, and try to relieve someone else’s workload if I had the possibility to.


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