Niilo Virri

Hello there!

I’m Niilo, a second-year bachelor student studying in chemical and process engineering major which is also known as KeLa. This essay is my application for the role of PT’s Head of Corporate Relations 2023. During my fuksi year I was already active within the association as I was the manager of overall patches for PT fuksis ’21 and for the Cavitation. I also worked as a host/hostess helper. So, applying for the board 2023 feels like a natural continuation for me.

Having a strong and expanding corporate relations network is vital for the association as sponsoring incomes enable many events, such as our annual ball and various excursions. Companies are also strongly supporting us when we are acquiring new overalls for our fuksis. That is why I’m applying for PT’s Head of Corporate Relations 2023 because I want to be involved in maintaining old and creating new corporate relations. I also want to make it possible for the fuksis to have their own overalls. Getting my overalls was definitely one of the highlights of my fuksi year. It still feels awesome to put them on. I want to create these same experiences and feelings for the fuksis ’23.

In the role of Ysvi (=Head of Corporate Relations), I would really get to work on things that interest me. Because of my small-scale investing hobby, subjects related to companies and their operations have attracted me for a fairly long time. While drinking my morning coffee I often find myself reading news and analysis about the companies of the industrial field. That’s why Ysvi’s tasks (such as signing new sponsorship contracts and arranging excursions) would certainly be meaningful tasks for me. I strongly believe that I would be able to do my duties with high quality all the way as I’m a responsible and careful person. And most importantly: I am brisk. I am ready to learn new things. *

I’ll be happy to answer any questions! The easiest way to contact me is via message in a bottle or in Telegram @niilovirri

* = Credit: V. Kemppi

1. How would you develop the association’s corporate relations next year?

First, I would try to maintain our old proven corporate relations. If for some reason all the old sponsorship contracts could not be maintained, I would try to build new substitutive relationships so that foundation of our corporate relations would remain strong. Creating new contracts and relationships wouldn’t certainly be too bad for the association’s activity. I think it would be very positive if we could obtain sponsor companies from various industries, since according to observation, there are many people within the association that are interested in e.g., bio- and health technology but not so much in the so-called traditional industry. Related to this matter, I believe that diverse industry-specific theme events would certainly be welcome. Naturally, the desires of the members regarding these themes would also be considered.

2. Describe your interaction skills. How would you approach a company with which the association has not yet cooperated?

In my opinion, I get along well with different people. I give room for others to express their opinion and respectively I also speak my own matters. I think that good communication skills also include good manners and positive attitude, which I also have as I’ve even been called a smiley boy. When approaching a new company, I would first search the basic information about the company. After that I’d look for a suitable contact number/email address from the company’s web page. When contacting, I would first introduce myself, the association and the university and its study programs. From these starting points we could then start to build a possible cooperation.

3. What kind of tasks and how much work would you delegate to your Corporate Relations Apprentices and Excursion Responsible?

Basically, the Apprentices would participate in purchasing sponsors for overalls and others, but also in other various tasks if necessary. The number of tasks given would depend on the number of Apprentices and their enthusiasm, but there would definitely be something for everyone. The most active Apprentices could certainly be given more responsibility. The Excursion Responsible would be involved in organising smaller excursions as well as the homeland excursion a.k.a Faasimuutos. The Excursion Responsible could be responsible for more detailed arrangements and schedules during the excursions.


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