Nora Kahanpää


I’m Nora Kahanpää, a third-year student in the Bioproducts major, and I’m applying for treasurer’s position in the board of 2023 of the Association of Process Engineering Students. Since my fuksi year, I’ve been actively involved in the association’s activities, and acted in various official tasks, most recently as Association Merch Responsible, TEK Contact Person, and Party Responsible, among others. Through these tasks, I’ve had the chance to see our association’s activities from many different perspectives, but for me it isn’t quite enough. The Association of Process Engineering Students is important to me, and that’s why I’m very interested in being involved in its activities even more closely. It would be great to have the chance to develop an even finer association together with the future board.

In terms of the association’s present and future, the duties of the treasurer are essential.

I feel that my accuracy and systematicity would be very useful in the role of treasurer, especially in monitoring and planning of the association’s finances to assure they run as smoothly as possible. In addition, I believe that my interest in the duties of treasurer guarantee I’ll be able to learn new things quickly. Although, currently, my experience is mainly in preparing small budgets, I most certainly have the enthusiasm to learn and act as treasurer.

Feel free to ask me questions either here on the election page or on Telegram @norpu!

1. The work of a treasurer is important, but sometimes very independent. How would you ensure that all the tasks (e.g. financial statement, paying bills) will be done in time?

I’m going to reserve certain weekly times in my calendar for treasurer’s tasks, and thus avoid them from piling up. Of course, I’ll take care of urgent matters whenever needed, but I want regularity in my work as well. Working independently suits me and enables me to take care of the tasks when I have the time for it.

2. At the beginning of the year, separate budgets are created for the various committees of Association of Process Engineering Students. How would you ensure that committees follow the budget?

I believe the treasurer should already be involved in creating the budgets, both by offering help and, at least, by pointing out unrealistic plans that require modification. In addition, I’d make sure that all sections of the committee are considered in the budget. I’d ensure staying within the budgets by regularly monitoring the use of money by the committees and pointing out if the budget seems to exceed. In this case, we could think together about what kind of actions could be taken to promote staying in the budget, for example for future events.

3. Treasurer is responsible for PT’s register of members. How well are you aware of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how would you ensure that the association complies with it?

I’m familiar with GDPR in general terms. I’d familiarize myself with the regulation in more detail and ensure that me and the rest of the board act in accordance with it.

4. Do you find areas for improvement in the position of treasurer or in the finance of the association? Why / Why not?

The position of treasurer seems good as it is, and I wouldn’t make changes to it. In my mind, it’s good that only one person takes care of and is responsible for the finances of the association, so that the overall picture remains clear. I’d pay special attention to the accounting of the cash register to ensure it stays up to date as well.


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