Hello fuksi!

Congratulations on your grand achievement and welcome to Otaniemi! We are JuNa, aka Jussu and Eveliina, your fuksi captains! Our job is to guide you along your journey to become a teekkari and to offer support throughout your first year of studies.

In the Fuksi Guide you will find useful information and tips for the coming year. We suggest reading through the Guide carefully and returning to it as needed. It will also be given to you as a paper copy during the orientation week. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you cannot attend the first day of orientation on 6.9., please contact either one of us. Enjoy your summer, and see you in the fall!

Best regards,

Jussu Hämynen
TG: @jussuhamynen

Eveliina Palo
TG: @evepalo

P.S. Come to Waraslähtö (”Kick start”) on 5.9. at Alvarin aukio. You will get a chance to meet your fuksi buddies as well as older students before the start of orientation week!


  • Accept your study place as instructed.
  • Enroll as present and join the Association of Process Engineering Students (Prosessiteekkarit ry). You can find the form in the Become a Member -section.
  • Order a student card.
  • Find a roof over your head. For example, AYY and HOAS offer apartments in Otaniemi. Remember to submit a notification of change of address so that you can get an HSL card.
  • Apply for housing allowance from KELA.
  • Download the Telegram app on your phone and join the groups specified in the Fuksi Guide.
  • Mark the Kick Start event on the 5.9. in your calendar.
  • On Monday 6.9. take part in the programme organised by the school according to the schedule. Be ready to spend the entire day and evening getting acquainted and having fun! Orientation week is special, so we highly recommend for you to reserve the whole week off from other obligations.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Prosessiteekkarit website and any materials you may have received.
  • If you cannot attend on 6.9., are starting your military service, or have any other concerns, email or message your fuksi captains.
  • Take time off and enjoy the summer! You will get an ample taste of studies and student life in the coming year!