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  1. Information about events in 2022 – Updated 10.1.2022
  2. PT x TiK regular sport sessions
  3. PT Info Channel on Telegram
  4. PT’s LinkedIn group
  5. The Association’s PauseTime
  6. PT x IK Joint departure to Pikkulaskiainen 7.4.
  7. Movies, food and chilling at pHuone 8.4.
  8. PT10 Wappu Kick-off Party 9.4.
  9. IK x PT Senior Wappu Sitsit 26.4.
  10. Board meetings in 2022
  11. PT’s feedback form


  1. Study feedback
  2. Homebrewing competition 2022
  3. Invitation to a student workshop 25.4.
  4. Student counselling in period IV
  5. CHEM Band


  1. Teekkarispeksi 2022: Signal – Tickets out now!
  2. Hankkijain Munajahti 2022
  3. ABP Anniversary tournament 6.4.
  4. Teekkaripurjehtijat info night 8.4.
  5. Aalto Open Air 21.4.
  6. Dipolis’ Wappu 30.4.
  7. AYY goes AATU 5.5.
  8. Mental health promoting activities for students in 2022
  9. T150 – Teekkari Point Card
  10. Radiodiodi
  11. Regards from Spokesperson-secretary


7.4.   PT x IK Joint departure to Pikkulaskiainen

8.4.   Movies, food and chilling at pHuone

9.4.   PT10 Wappu Kick-off Party


I          PT

1.       Information about events in 2022 – Updated 10.1.2022

The board of PT decided in the meeting held on 10.1. that the association will follow all regulations and recommendations of the Regional State Administrative Agency, Finnish institute for health and welfare, university and Student Union in its events.


2.       PT x TiK regular sport sessions

Pack your indoor shoes and head to the ball sports hall of Otahalli every thursday at 21-22! There you will be able to play floorball or basketball with TiK and other PT members. On the first time we’ll be playing basketball. After that, the sport will change every week between floorball and basketball.


3.       PT Info Channel on Telegram

PT now has a separate Telegram channel for official announcements and news about the association – PT Info Channel! All the most important announcements and news about the association will be posted in the channel from now on, for example about events and the summary of the weekly newsletter sent by email. The #PT-chat will remain as a chat for discussions between PT members. You can join the PT Info Channel here: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFAZzeI4birVAcfBZg.


4.       PT’s LinkedIn group

Applications for summer jobs have begun so a quick reminder that PT has their own LinkedIn site and group! LinkedIn is a great way to get contacts and network with your student colleagues. Open summer jobs from our field will be informed about in the group as well!

Link to join the group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13559286/
Link to the PT LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/prosessiteekkarit-ry/


5.       The Association’s PauseTime

Looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Take a well-deserved break and come to the pHuone to participate in Association’s PauseTime! 🥰☕️


Common PauseTimes will be organized every Wednesday from 16:00 onwards. Any exceptions will be announced. From 16:00 to 18:00, there will always be someone from the board so you can for example easily buy overall patches during that time. Depending on the wishes of the people present, the break can be spent by playing games, having chit chat with a nice cup of coffee/tee on the side or even watching a film. However, the playstation is having a break too during the PauseTime so the sofa area and TV are free for the common use and we can all focus on each other. Come to meet old and new PT-friends and make yourself at home in the association’s living room!

The theme of this week’s PauseTime is Teekkarius150!🔥🔥

From 17:00 there will be representatives of the Teekkarius150 committee, so it’s a great opportunity to get a Teekkarius150 score card, enjoy a surprise snack and a fun programme.


WHAT: The Association’s PauseTime

WHERE: pHuone/Process Room, Kemistintie 1 D 2

WHEN: Every Wednesday from 16:00.


6.       PT x IK Joint departure to Pikkulaskiainen 7.4.

Students all over Finland gather to Turku for the winter festival Pikkulaskiainen on 7.4.2022.  This year is the 30th anniversary of Pikkulaskiainen and it will be celebrated bigger than ever🔥🔥


PT has 19 tickets to the event. We will go there together with The Guild of Civil Engineers (IK). Find out more about the event here.


The enrolment for the event begins on the 30.3. at 12.00 o’clock!


7.       Movies, food and chilling at pHuone 8.4.

Do you miss your friends? When was the last time you visited pHuone?

Is there a movie that has been sitting on your bucket list for a long time? Do you miss eating while chatting with your peers?


Well we got cha! We are organizing a chill relaxing movie/ early dinner night at pHuone on 8.4. starting at 4pm. You can suggest a movie and the movie that gathers the most votes will be chosen. We will also prepare some food with the theme “Food around the world” for you 🙂


You have been studying hard, and your mind needs a break to recover and regain power for the next incoming exam week! Hope to see you at pHuone!



What: Movie/early dinner night at pHuone for friendship gathering.

When: Friday April 8th  @16:00

Where: pHuone

Why: friends, movies, and good food

How much it costs: Can you guess? It’s free!

Else: Event is open for everybody. Event language is English


8.       PT10 Wappu Kick-off Party 9.4.

Do you feel spring coming? Are the melting piles of snow rising your wappu feeling to the roof? Do you hear Ullis already calling you? Do not worry we have a solution for you!


Lämmönsiirto X -committee welcomes you to the PT10 Wappu Kick-off Party on Saturday 9.4. at 18.00 @ Otakaari 20. We will have some friendly competitions, karaoke, music, sauna and hot tub, so remember to bring your sauna gear with you!



WHAT? PT10 Wappu Kick-off Party!

WHERE? Otakaari 20

WHEN? Saturday 9th of April from 6PM

COST? 0€

DC? Wappu

WHY? Because you need to start Wappu with style!


9.       IK x PT Senior Wappu Sitsit 26.4.

It’s time to celebrate Wappu between IK and PT’s seniors (2+)! So head to Smökki on Tuesday 26.4. with the spirit of Wappu and overalls with the most fancy wappu gadget!!


There are 180 seats for the first registrant, so be quick! The sign-up begins on Tuesday 12.4. at 21:00 and will close on 19.4. at 23.55 while becoming obligatory. The sign-up link: https://prosessiteekkarit.fi/ilmo/event/146


WHAT? Senior Wappu Sitsit

WHERE? Smökki

WHEN? 26.4.2022

PRICE? 13€

DC? Overalls with the most fancy wappu gadgets

WHY? Wappu & IK!!


10.    Board meetings in 2022

The board meetings are on Mondays at 8:00 and you are all welcome to follow! You can check scheduled meetings in the association’s event calendar. The meetings will be held at pHuone.


11.    PT’s feedback form

Is there something bothering you and want to change it? Has something gone exceptionally well? You can send us anonymous feedback on PT’s website or using this link.


II        CHEM

12.    Study feedback

Hi all!

We would like to remind you about the importance of study feedback! We can only react to issues concerning your studies if we are made aware of them.


If for example the assessment criteria changes during the course or you have not received your exam results within four weeks, inform the Head of Study Affairs so that they can intervene.


For any Bachelor’s level related study feedback you can contact Mariina through:

  1. Email: opintovastaava@prosessiteekkarit.fi
  2. Telegram: @mariinatikka
  3. The anonymous feedback form


For any Master’s level related study feedback you can contact the Heads of Study Affairs of the guilds:

KK: @pikkuhart or feedback form

PJK: @ilmarihieta or feedback form

VK: @Janttila or feedback form


More information about student rights can be found here.


13.    Homebrewing competition 2022

Chemistry Guild’s annual Home Brewing Competition is here again! The competition is held 19.4. in Otakaari 20 downstairs starting at 18.00. The sign-up is now open to contestants on Chemistry Guild’s website. If you haven’t started preparations yet, now it’s time!


As a reminder, there are no limitations on the quality, style, or composition of your product as long as you are willing to drink it yourself and have done something for it (minimum: addition of one (1) raisin). It is also possible to participate with multiple different products.


*If you want to only cheer the competition and celebrate the upcoming Wappu, no sign up is needed! *

The event is open to everyone.


14.    Invitation to a student workshop 25.4.

Want to contribute to digital solutions in education and share your experiences of remote learning? And do you have ideas for course development?

What: We welcome you to a workshop for CHEM students to brainstorm and build proposals to improve digital teaching and learning. The workshop will focus particularly on interaction and good practices in remote learning.

For who: The workshop is aimed at students at the School of Chemical Engineering (bachelor, master, doctoral and exchange students). The number of participants is 20. The workshop will be bilingual in Finnish and English.

Why: The workshop is part of the CHEM DigiPeC-project that focuses on teachers’ digital pedagogical competence. One of the aims of the project is to strengthen student-centeredness in teaching and learning. The ideas and outputs of the workshop will be presented to CHEM teaching staff and will be used in the development of teaching.

Where: Otaniemi campus. Exact location will be announced later. When: Mon 25.4 from 13.00 to 15.00. Registration via Webropol through this link by 18.4. If registration fills up, it is possible to remain on the waiting list. All registrations will be contacted individually. Link: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/EP/1B806E4434BFE50D

By whom: The workshop is organised by CHEM Student and Teacher Services. For more information, please contact Suvi Toivonen (suvi.toivonen(at)aalto.fi) or Sannamari Hörkkö (sannamari.horkko(at)aalto.fi).



15.    Student counselling in period IV

If you have any questions regarding your studies or you’ll need to pick up your lab pass it’s possible to drop by during the service hours without an appointment. The Student Service Desk is located at the main lobby of the Building of Chemical Engineering (Kemistintie 1).



  • every week (2.3.-6.4.) at 9.30-11.30 and 12-14
  • every other week (2.3.-6.4.) at 9.30-11.30 (also in Swedish)



  • every week (11.3.-8.4.) at 10-12


CHEM Bachelor’s Programme Study Advisors:

Julia Tofferi ja Aarni Aspi, kandi-neuvojat-chem(at)aalto.fi

CHEM Master’s Programmes Study Advisor:

Melissa Hendrén, msc-advisors-chem(at)aalto.fi. TG:melissahendren

Service in Swedish:

Charlotta Livman, studieradgivare-chem(at)aalto.fi, TG: @ChalleLivman

Student Exchange:

Songwen He, kv-neuvoja-chem(at)aalto.fi, TG: @zokehe


16.    CHEM Band

The CHEM Band has now been formed, but this doesn’t mean you still can’t join!


The group was founded to provide a space for CHEM students who want to play music. The only requirements to join are:

– Membership of at least one CHEM guild/association

– Basic ability with instrument(s)

and most importantly,

– An eagerness to play and collaborate


If you’re interested, please contact @sakarisyvaniemi on TG. The first song-workshop will be held after exam week.





17.    Teekkarispeksi 2022: Signal – Tickets out now!

Teekkarispeksi brings you a full night’s spectacle of student musical theater with a hint of improvisation. This year, Teekkarispeksi 2022 jumps aboard a spaceship – straight into the world of scifi. Check out the teaser https://youtu.be/2m1QxJ0u2eY


Androids clatter on and the coffee-substitute-machine keeps on beeping. The space research station goes through exciting times as the world-renowned scientist Reine Haan’s new machine picks up an unexpected signal. Where does the signal originate from and what is it trying to tell us?


Get your tickets now at https://teekkarispeksi.fi/  (Show is in Finnish).


Follow Teekkarispeksi: Website, IG and FB 


18.    Hankkijain Munajahti 2022

Inspired by last year’s great success, Munajahti is returning bigger and greater than ever before! As usual, the locations of the eggs are obscured, but this time Haukikana has laid six orange eggs at heated bars instead of cold reeds. The location of the eggs is determined by solving clues, and the clue to the next checkpoint is always obtained from the previous checkpoint. Haukikana’s ambassadors are waiting at the checkpoint, offering a hint for the next checkpoint after the team has completed a small task.


Munajahti kicks off 5.4. at OK20 big side, where teams get their first clue. OK20 will also serve as a finish line and an afterparty location, where the party starts at 9pm. So put together your sharpest and smartest friends and come to challenge yourselves in the most amazing event of the spring! Tickets cost 5€ or 7€ with the overalls badge and the F5 race for the tickets starts on 16.3. at 2:00 PM here: https://kide.app/events/fd181255-274c-4d7b-a8b2-f817ef4dfef3


More info can be found from the event’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/531850294919340


19.    ABP Anniversary tournament 6.4.

When was the last time you washed the losing team’s cups? Are you tired of having only water inside the cups? Would you want to take a trip down memory lane?


Aalto Beer Pong ry turns ten this year and to celebrate that we’ll be hosting RetroPong on 6.4.! The winner of the tournament will take home TEN cases of beer so you don’t want to miss this!🤩


Registration begins on 24.3. at 12:00pm. The tournament is played in teams of 2 and only one person has to enter the team. You can find more information about the tournament from the Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/30ihgIFWg


What: RetroPong!

Where: Otakaari 20 upstairs

When: 6.4. at 5:00pm

Why: Winners take TEN cases of beer with them!💥

How much: 10€ per team (drinks not included)

Registration link: https://abp.ayy.fi/abp-10v-vuosijuhlaturnaus-retropong/


We hold the right to make changes if the Covid-19 situation requires it.


20.    Teekkaripurjehtijat info night 8.4.

As spring progresses, it’s time to shift your gaze to the horizon and the upcoming sailing season. Whether you were just interested in starting sailing or an experienced skipper who has conquered oceans, you should now join the first information evening of the year. You get to hear what Teekkaripurjehtijat has to offer just for you. Also, don’t be confused by the name, as Teekkaripurjehtijat (more commonly known as TRIP) welcomes anyone interested in sailing, regardless of field of study.


The first info evening of the year will be held in room 240 at Maarintalo (Sähkömiehentie 3, 02150 Espoo) on April 8, 6pm-8pm. You can also participate in Google Meet remotely: https://meet.google.com/zow-hwcz-siz


Please register for the event before April 7, 6pm with this form: https://forms.gle/LaN5ZunJ7BiDLFSS. Event in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/563395571502087/


21.    Aalto Open Air 21.4.

Are you ready to take a head start to festival summer? Are there too many lecture-filled days left before Wappu Eve?


Aalto Open Air is finally ready to rock in Alvarinaukio after a two year break! This music festival starts the Otaniemi Wappu celebrations with a style. In addition to music, there are various activities to choose from, for example beerpong tournament, several saunas and a ravebox. The festival wraps up with a concert by Jukka Poika!


WHAT? Music festival in the heart of Otaniemi
WHEN? Thursday 21.4. starting 4 pm
PRICE? Free!
WHY? Because Wappu is coming!


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/670036060881869/?ref=newsfeed


22.    Dipolis’ Wappu 30.4.

Wappu has been declared and so will Dipolis’ Wappu as well! Wappu celebrations come to their climax as Dipolin Wappu gathers all of Otaniemi together to press their caps on their heads on the 30th of April. This is a party you don’t want to miss!🔥🔥


Stay tuned, there’s more to come!


Join Dipolis’ Wappu telegram channel: https://t.me/dipolinwappu

Follow on Instagram: dipolinwappu


23.    AYY goes AATU 5.5.

AYY’s community section Aava sells tickets and arranges bus transport for the pubcrawl AATU (https://aatu.fi/in-english/) to Turku and back on 5th May! The afterparty location will be Apollo and Armas, where entertainment is secured by Portion Boys. The sale of the combined pub crawl and bus tickets starts on Monday 4th April on Kide.app. There is only a very limited number of tickets, so be quick!


More information about the buses and sale of the tickets will come closer to the start of the sale, so follow AYY’s and Aava’s communications to be up to date!


24.    Mental health promoting activities for students in 2022

Happy New Year from Nyyti!


This message contains information about upcoming online chats for students, and tools for mental wellbeing and coping in studies. Come join our chats, learn life skills online and share information about events to others, too! Nyyti is a national non-profit organisation that promotes the mental health and learning ability of all students in Finland.




MielenTEKoja-chat is available in English on Thursdays from 5 to 7 p.m. You can chat one-on-one with another university student and get peer support on any topic related to student life, mental wellbeing or study ability. The volunteer on-call counsellors are regular students trained by Nyyti. No matter how big or small your question is, you can bring it here! The chat is anonymous and free of charge.

Enter mielenTEKoja-chat here: https://www.nyyti.fi/en/projects/mielentekoja/

Share info about the chat to other English speaking students, too! Feel free to use our ready made content for IG and TikTok: click here!



Our anonymous group chats are open to all students. Chats in English are on Tuesdays at 6–8 p.m. The group chats are a place to share ideas and experiences on a variety of topics related to student life. Once a month, we chat in English.

Upcoming group chats:

Tue 22.2. How to manage?

Tue 22.3. Time management in studies

Tue 19.4. Self-criticism and sense of insufficiency

Tue 17.5. Can I find my position in working life?

Tue 14.6. How can I find my strengths?

Learn more and join the group chats herehttps://www.nyyti.fi/en/for-students/chat/



Nyyti’s Learn Life Skills website provides you with information, tips and tools which can help you enhance your own wellbeing. The material covers multiple relevant topics, such as time management, study exhaustion, self-esteem and stress etc. Start practising today!

Learn Life Skills in English: https://www.nyyti.fi/en/for-students/learn-life-skills/



Read other students’ stories about living and dealing with mental health or life management difficulties. You might find out you are not alone.

Read stories here: https://www.nyyti.fi/en/stories/



You are worthy of help and support. See our list of professionals who offer students and young adults help and support in different challenging life situations.


Find help here: https://www.nyyti.fi/en/for-students/find-help/



25.    T150 – Teekkari Point Card

Re-experience the charm of the freshman year as you collect Teekkari points and find out if you can become a HyperSuperTeekkari!


In connection with the Teekkarius150 anniversary, you can complete the Teekkari Point Card, in which you can receive points from many of the already familiar recreations and T150-themed activities. Point cards are distributed at T150 events and are always advertised on Instagram and on the tg-channel. So remember to follow T150 on social media @teekkarius150 (Telegram, Instagram, Facebook).


26.    Radiodiodi

Are you tired of listening to the same radio list hits all the time? Do you feel like there is nothing interesting in the radio? No worries, Radiodiodi has a solution for you! Register at the latest 31.3. at radiodiodi.fi for programme making and come to make your own radio show.


What is a Radiodiodi? Radiodiodi is an annual wappu production from Otaniemi, where students have the opportunity to make their own radio programme. Programmes are produced by volunteering Aalto students (even you!). The Radiodiodi team has no clue about the content of the broadcast – we facilitate it, you make it. The activity is free for students and does not require any previous experience. The radio is heard during the broadcast season both online and on FM.


Join Radiodiodi chats on Telegram: https://t.me/radiodiodichat (casual conversation channel) and https://t.me/radiodiodi (info channel).


Follow Radiodiodi at Instagram @radiodiodi.


27.    Regards from Spokesperson-secretary

Hey! The board attended Forest Product Guild’s annual ball last Friday, which was super fun! There are quite few fun events again this week so remember to participate! Here is the cute kitten video of the week :D!


Kai Karvetti
Spokesperson-secretary 2022 | Prosessiteekkarit ry
+358505723651 | tiedottajasihteeri@prosessiteekkarit.fi
School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University

PT on social media:
Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Flickr | Telegram