I      PT

  1. Information about events in 2021 – Updated 19.6.2021
  2. PT10 annual year
  3. Remember to return your exams to the exam archivist
  4. Examweek badminton
  5. 1.-5.11. PT’s wellbeing week
  6. Movie&sauna night 1.11
  7. PT’s Museum appro 4.11.
  8. Coffee with study advisors 9.11.
  9. Biklu open day for members of PT
  10. Application period for the board 2022 is now open
  11. Process Room is now open
  12. PT Info Channel on Telegram
  13. PT’s LinkedIn group
  14. Board meetings in 2021


  1. Sustainability in teaching
  2. Feedpack


  1. Fyysikkospeksi 2021
  2. Aalwarts
  3. Starting bang of the Teekkaritraditionweek
  4. Teekkari Tradition week 5.-13.11.
  5. Elonkorjuu 6.11.
  6. Teekkaritraditionparty
  7. Volunteering at Teekkari tradition party
  8. The song competition is here again!
  9. Polin Appro 2021
  10. IT consulting at BCG 18.11.

IV    Summer jobs

27.Regards from head of study affaris

23.10. History and wine

I        PT

1.      Information about events in 2021 – Updated 19.6.2021

The board of PT decided in the meeting held on 19.6. that the association will follow all regulations and recommendations of the Regional State Administrative Agency, Finnish institute for health and welfare, university and Student Union in its events.


2.      PT10 annual year

This year’s annual ball is over and it is time to head towards PT’s tenth anniversary year! You can find more information about anniversary year from PT10 website prosessiteekkarit.fi/en/anniversary-year/. You’ll find the updated information about anniversary year and important dates from this site.


3.      Remember to return your exams to the exam archivist

The first exam week of the autumn is already ahead and the Exam Archive at www.tenttiarkisto.fi is a good way for practising, since there you can find course exams and assignments from recent years. In order to continue to find help from the exam archive in the future, I would like to remind everyone to collect exams from the courses during the exam week and send them to the exam archivist! The electronic pdf format works well as a return. As an incentive, PT member, who have returned the most exams after the autumn semester of 2021, will be rewarded with a tremendous prize.🏆


The PT member who returned the most exams in the spring was Nora Kahanpää with 7 exams! Congratulations!

During the year, you can return the exams to the exam archivist Valtteri Siira in Telegram @valtterisiira.

Good luck for the exam week!


4.      Examweek badminton

The traditional examweek badminton will make a comeback again when on Tuesday 26.10. at 12-13. All 4 badminton courts in Unisport Otaniemi are reserved for PT and participation costs nothing, just say to the Unisports customer service that you are coming to PT’s badminton shift. It is possible to rent a badminton racket from the Unisport lobby for € 2 per shift. PT takes care of the shuttlecocks on site. Playing is only allowed with indoor shoes. Welcome to play!

Registration in now open in PT’s ilmomasiina here.


5.      1.-5.11. PT’s wellbeing week

PT’s very own wellbeingweek is coming next week and here is a small recap about whats coming. Hopefully everyone finds something enjoyable to do from these events 🙂

Monday 1.11. Sauna and movie night at 17-22 in Rantasauna

Tuesday 2.11. Dough therapy at 17-20 in Process Room

Wednesday 3.11. Trip to trampoline park at 18 in Rush Helsinki

Thursday 4.11. PT’s museum appro in Helsinki


6.      Movie&sauna night 1.11

PTs Wellbeing week (1.11.-5.11.) starts off with a movie&sauna -night!

Grab your coziest clothes, towel and swimsuit and come to rantasauna 1.11. 17:00!


The evening starts off with a movie, and after the movie there is time for a sauna until 22:00. There will be a little snack for you.

When registering, please let us know your favorite movie genre. That helps us to choose the most suitable movie to you.

Please arrive on time, the film starts at 17:30.

Registration opens at 18.00 here.

The event is alcohol-free.

WHAT? Sauna and movie!

WHERE? Rantasauna

WHEN? 1.11. 17:00


WHY? Because wellbeing!


7.      PT’s Museum appro 4.11.

PT’s Wellbeing Week continues with a tremendous cultural experience trip to the Eastern Harbour City organized by the culture responsibles, as on Thursday 4.11. PT’s own museum appro in Helsinki is arranged. During the day, three different museums located in Helsinki will be visited. During the day, you will learn about the history of trams at the Tram Museum, the history of Helsinki at the Helsinki City Museum, and lastly, you will get to admire the classics of Finnish art at the Finnish Home of Art, the Ateneum. 🎨

In Museum Appro, the attendee earns a stamp from each museum on the appro map, and once the maximum number of stamps has been collected, i.e. 3, each participant receives a stunning cultural Museum Appro Award!🏅

The schedule of museum appro is:

– 3 pm Joint departure from the main doors of the School of Chemical Engineering

– 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Tram Museum (free admission)

– 5 pm – 6 pm Helsinki City Museum (free admission)

Including a maintenance break in the museum café

– 6.30 pm – 8 pm Ateneum (16 € or museum card)

– 20 -> Reflection of cultural overload with those who are interested in a local bar with a glass of wine, etc.


You only need an enthusiastic mind, an HSL card and a means of payment / museum card for the Ateneum, other museums are free!

You can come along when you can, so you don’t have to come to every museum! However, the Appro Award is only available for participation in every museum.

Registration for the event is open at: https://www.prosessiteekkarit.fi/ilmo/event/118  and the registration will close on 4th of November. at 12.00.


WHAT: PT’s Museum appro

WHERE: In Helsinki, Museums: Tram Museum (https://ratikkamuseo.fi/ ), Helsinki City Museum (https://www.helsinginkaupunginmuseo.fi/?gclid=CjwKCAjwq9mLBhB2EiwAuYdMtcQ7NV23FWV9HKzOSOLHPBUHWCM94dxSWO-L7PE3x-b8pNgFc4awURoCHEwQAvD_BwE ) & Ateneum (https://ateneum.fi/ )

WHEN: 4.11. from 3 to 8 p.m., after relaxation at 8 p.m. onwards

WHAT DOES IT COST: The first 2 museum free, Ateneum 16 € / museum card

WHAT TO INCLUDE: HSL card, wallet, museum card

WHY: Awesome Cultural Experience Tour + prizes for collecting 3 stamps on appromap

REGISTRATION: open https://www.prosessiteekkarit.fi/ilmo/event/118  until 4.11. 12.00


8.      Coffee with study advisors 9.11.

Welcome to our “coffee with the study advisors”- sessions!

The “coffee with the study advisors”- sessions will be organized on Tuesday 9.11 at 12.30-14.00, at kemistintie 1 main lobby. During the session you can ask the study advisors anything related to your studies


9.      Biklu open day for members of PT

Otaniemen biljardiklubi ry (Biklu) open day for members of Prosessiteekkarit on 9.11. 17.00-22.00. Come see us and play snooker, pool and darts with your friends. The club has all necessary equipment.

The event is alcohol-free.

What: Billiards club’s open day

Where: OK18C basement

When: 9.11. 17-22

Cost: 0€

More info, tg: @sakuturkulainen


10.   Application period for the board 2022 is now open


Application period for the board 2022 is now open. Any current member can apply to the board. The board of 2022 consists of the following positions:


Head of Internal and External Affairs



Fuksi Captain x2

Head of International and Master’s Affairs

Host/Hostess x2

Head of Study Affairs

Head of Corporate Relations

You may apply to the board by sending an application of free form and a picture of yourself to laura.lukkarila@aalto.fi. In addition to the application, all applicants will be interviewed, and they will answer further questions about their position. The application, answers to the questions and pictures will be published on association’s election page 28.10. onwards. Members can ask the applicants questions on the election page.

The application must be sent by Sunday 7.11.

The proposal for the new board will be published two days before the Autumn meeting on 15.11. where the proposal will be reviewed.

If you have any questions about applying or different positions, don’t hesitate to contact me. The easiest way to reach me is by Telegram @lukkarilaura.

Best regards

Laura Lukkarila

Former of the Board 2022 | Prosessiteekkarit ry

+358 442111353 | laura.lukkarila@aalto.fi

School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University


11.   Process Room is now open

Read through carefully! The Process Room is now open for members, so a few practical things. All students of the School of Chemical Engineering who have completed a laboratory safety course have access to the Association Room. Access works with an HSL card, for which you can find instructions for registration at https://www.aalto.fi/en/services/access-control-with-hsl-card.

The coffee, tea and milks for coffee found in the cupboards are free of charge for the members. In the fridge you can find some snacks for cash. Sodas, energy drinks, chocolate bars etc. Billy’s pizzas can be found in the freezer. The price list can be found on the refrigerator door and payment is made to the mailbox “raha-arkku” on the wall. Note that only cash is eligible for payment. Please remember to recycle your waste properly and clean up when you leave.

It is also possible to buy overall badges from the Process Room, which are sold by board members. Please treat the Process Room like your own home. Welcome!

Questions? Slide to dm @reukku


12.   PT Info Channel on Telegram

PT now has a separate Telegram channel for official announcements and news about the association – PT Info Channel! All the most important announcements and news about the association will be posted in the channel from now on, for example about events and the summary of the weekly newsletter sent by email. The #PT-chat will remain as a chat for discussions between PT members. You can join the PT Info Channel here: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFAZzeI4birVAcfBZg.


13.   PT’s LinkedIn group

Applications for summer jobs have begun so a quick reminder that PT has their own LinkedIn site and group! LinkedIn is a great way to get contacts and network with your student colleagues. Open summer jobs from our field will be informed about in the group as well!

Link to join the group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13559286/
Link to the PT LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/prosessiteekkarit-ry/


14.   Board meetings in 2021

The board meetings are on Mondays at 8:10 and you are all welcome to follow! You can check scheduled meetings in the association’s event calendar. The meetings will now be held in pHuone.


II      CHEM

15.   Sustainability in teaching


the school of chemical engineering wants to hear the opinions of students about sustainability and its teaching.

Aalto wants to include the principles of sustainability in technical studies. The heads of studies have discussed about this with the school’s management. Based on these discussions, the school would now like to know your opinion. How much and by which methods should sustainability be taught?

By answering the questionnaire, you can have your voice heard and have concrete effect on teaching in our school in the coming years. You can find the questionnaire here.


16.   Feedpack

We would like to remind you about the importance of study feedback! The issues will be reacted to when the feedback reaches us.

You can contact Sara @sarasiivola
(opintovastaava@prosessiteekkarit.fi) or use the anonymous feedback form in PT’s website if you have any bachelor level related study feedback.

If you have any masters or major studies related study feedback you can inform the guilds’ heads of study affairs:

KK: @Joakim9 or feedback form
PJK: @reettamaria or feedback form
VK: @olgapartanen or feedback form



17.   Fyysikkospeksi 2021

Get ready for the wildest student musical of the year, as Fyysikkospeksi presents their eighth spex production, All on the Line, in English! The show will be held in Kannusali on Sunday, 21 November at 18:00.

Tickets to the English show will go on sale on Tuesday, 26 October at 12:00 on kide.app. There are only a limited amount of tickets available, so make to buy yours before they are sold out!

Tickets 5 / 15 / 25 / 45 € on kide.app:


Cindy is living a double life: In the VR game World Wide West, she is a big name, known to all as a brave and charming heroine, but in reality, no one in East Paxville high school seems to even remember her name. Jessie, the most popular girl in school, has her world turned upside down, when she joins the virtual world. A famous streamer, Lucas, finds the girl of his dreams in the game, but there is a surprise waiting for him when he meets her in real life. Pixels and reality blend, and the line between friends and enemies is blurred in the most original musical of the year!

A spex is an interactive student musical where the audience can influence what’s happening on stage by shouting “Omstart!”. There are many spex productions in Otaniemi, but Fyysikkospeksi is the only one that also performs in English!

More information about the production and Fyysikkospeksi on https://fyysikkospeksi.fi/.


18.   Aalwarts

Just yesterday an owl delivered a mysterious letter to you. You have been accepted to study in the famous Aalwarts, the School of Wizards and Witchcraft. Can you graduate with honors or will you fail the potions class? Be careful not to fall from your broom and never go to the dungeons. Gather a team and start your Aalwarts adventure!

Go and play the outdoor puzzle adventure game in Otaniemi! Read the instructions here: https://www.aalto.fi/en/study-at-aalto/aalwarts-the-outdoor-puzzle-adventure-game-for-students


19.   Starting bang of the Teekkaritraditionweek

Teekkaritraditionweek takes off on Tuesday, November 2, when Smökki explodes at the starting bang of the week!

The night starts at 11pm with the kick-off of the night croquet tournament. A moment later, the doors of Smökki open to the party crowd, which will be accelerated at 23.30 by AaltoDJ’s own DJ Tako. In addition to the whopping music there is going to be an opportunity to buy some night snacks!

Registration for the night croquet tournament opens on Tuesday 26.10. at 12.00. A link to the registration will be posted in the Facebook event. The tournament can accommodate the first 16 teams, so it is recommended to be super sharp with the registration! This way you can ensure your team has a chance to win amazing prizes!

For the night croquet tournament, the team is registered by one person, who thus acts as the team’s contact person. The size of the team can vary from 2 to 4 people. The tournament costs € 6 per team! More information about the event and the rules of the game will be updated later in the Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/VBAaOXjz


What: Night croquet + open starting bang party

When: Tuesday 2.11. at 11 pm ->

Where: Around Smökki and in Smökki!

Registration for the tournament: Tuesday 26.10. at 12.00, sign up link will be posted in this event!

Costs: Night croquet -> 6 €, smökki party -> 0 €, night snack -> a little


20.   Teekkari Tradition week 5.-13.11.

Teekkari Tradition Week is coming. Information about the events can be found here: https://teekkarius149.ayy.fi/teekkaritraditonweek/


21.   Elonkorjuu 6.11.

The darkest time of the year is coming as Demeter, the goddess of harvest and all living plants, begins her mourning. Her daughter is about to return to the land of the dead. Before that, however, it is time for Elonkorjuu – so dance, laugh and enjoy the last days of abundance before the autumn comes to an end!

On Saturday 6.11. the first Elonkorjuu in history takes place in Servin Mökki! The event is organized by the Teekkari Section, GAYY and Jalostajat. During the night, you get to enjoy live music, good food and an excellent drink selection. The activities of the evening include different tastings, watercolor painting and glitter art. The dresscode for the night is “classy” – we encourage you to use your imagination, and “too much” is just enough.


The participation fee is 5€ including the overall badge. The ticket sale will begin on Monday 25.10. at 4 pm on kide.app. There is a limited amount of tickets for sale, so be fast.

The Facebook page: https://fb.me/e/VGa1U8pm


WHAT: Elonkorjuu by Teekkari Section, GAYY and Jalostajat

WHERE: Servin Mökki

MILLOIN: 6.11. at 18-01

TICKETS: https://kide.app/events/feadbcfd-5e10-4df5-badc-8fc5a9483ee4


DC: Classy, with a touch of “too much”!

Elonkorjuu is part of the Teekkari Tradition Week event selection. All of the events of the week can be found on https://teekkarius149.ayy.fi/.


22.   Teekkaritraditionparty

This year we celebrate the 149th anniversary of Teekkari traditions, we welcome both students and alumni to celebrate this honorable journey to Dipoli (Otakaari 24, 01250 Espoo) on Friday, 12 November 2021. Teekkaritraditionsweek culminates in an evening gala, which celebrates the anniversary of teekkarihood and the teekkari community.

Signup for the Teekkaritraditionsparty opens for invited guests on the first of October 2021 at 12.00 and for other guests on 13 October 2021 at 12.00. Sign up at kide app. The link to the sign up will be posted in the Facebook event. Teekkaritraditionsparty costs 90 euros for students and 110 euros for alumni. Moreover, there’s a chance to support the arrangements of the party and buy a support ticket which costs 149€. Dress code in the party will be white tie with academic decorations.

See more information about events during the week from the Teekkarius 149 website at https://teekkarius149.ayy.fi/.

Link to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/173316431590280


23.   Volunteering at Teekkari tradition party

Teekkarius turns already 149 years this year!

During the Teekkari Tradition Week 5.-13.11. there are multiple open volunteer positions, which award e.g. freshmen points, attachment to the wanted party worker string and free entrance to the Herring breakfast organised on Saturday 13.11. and to a separately organised volunteer party.


The registration is open 18.-31.10. and keep in mind that the registration order is taken into account when assigning the tasks! You can register here: https://lomake.ayy.fi/teekkarijaosto/149-teekkariperinnejuhlan-vapaaehtoishaku/


24.   The song competition is here again!

The Song Competition is an annual playful competition organized by Lukkaritoimikunta, to which anyone and everyone in Aalto can participate. Join the competition by either writing lyrics to a melody or composing a new piece of music! 🎵 🎶 The singing competition is open until 3.11.!


See the event page for more information.


Forms: https://forms.gle/R6HtqpvpJ77YUPZh9


25.   Polin Appro 2021

During the Teekkari Tradition Week, on Wednesday 10th of November the streets of Helsinki will be filled with students hunting the next place to satisfy their thirst when Polin Appro returns.The event is for all students and student-spirited. The theme of 2021 appro is the goddess of hunting, night sky and the moon, Artemis. Decorate yourself and your overalls accordingly and head off to the night to hunt (bars) like Artemis.

The age limit for both events is 18 years.

More information about the ticket sales, artist reveals and more on this page, so make sure to the event facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/600601577616072


26.   IT consulting at BCG 18.11.

Curious on how to combine your technical background with Management Consulting?

Meet BCG Platinion for an evening at their Helsinki office on November 18!

BCG Platinion is a division of the Boston Consulting Group, specialized on digital and tech topics. Learn how they work with their clients on business-critical challenges, meet colleagues with a similar background to yours, and hear how you can follow their path and join the team.

The evening will be kicked off by a company presentation, case examples, Q&A, and rounded off by an offsite dinner to mingle and network.


When? Thursday, November 18th, approx. 6 PM

Where? Boston Consulting Group, Kluuvikatu 3, 00100 Helsinki

Who? Meet IT Consultants, IT Architects, and a recruiter of BCG Platinion

As seats are limited, please apply by sending your CV and university transcripts (both Bachelor & Master) to klos.marit@bcgplatinion.com before November 10th.

Apply now and learn all about the top tier IT consulting world!


IV     Summer jobs

27.Regards from head of study affaris


I am finally past the roughest weeks of this fall and now i can happily say I am enjoying some free time!

On the head of studies perspective, we are planning the student&teacher coffeebreak!! Exciting!! I hope to see you there!

Here is little meme to brighten up your day.

News from the board

Today representative of AYY came to the meeting and told latest news of AYY. The board discussed about wellbeing week, marketing questionnaire and incoming official recruitment.

Pyry Vartia
Spokesperson-secretary 2021 | Prosessiteekkarit ry
+358445953800 | tiedottajasihteeri@prosessiteekkarit.fi
School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University

PT on social media:
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