Dear members,

the application period for the former of the board for the year 2022 is now open.

Any member of the association who is entitled to vote may run for the position and applying happens by sending a free-form application to the board of the association (hallitus(at) Please, also attach a photo to your application. The candidates’ applications and pictures will be published on the Association’s election website starting on the 11th of October, after which you may present questions to the candidates. The new former of the board will be chosen in an additional association meeting that will be held tentatively on the 18th of October. A notice of a meeting will be sent later.

The task of the former of the board is to form a new association rule-abiding board for the association for the year 2022. The former’s suggestion for the line-up of the board will be discussed in the association’s fall meeting which will be held tentatively on the 18th of November.

More information on the forming of the board and the elections, in general, can be found in the association’s board forming bylaw (in Finnish). If you have any questions regarding the matter, you can contact the board or the chair of the board.

Best regards,

Oona Hanska
Chair of the Board 2021 | Prosessiteekkarit ry
+358 504074822 |
School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University