The associations’ annual fall meeting will be held on Monday 15.11. at 16.30. The meeting will take place in the B hall (Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1, 02150 Espoo).

The main focus of the meeting will be the selection of the board for the next year and other statutory subjects for the coming year such as approval of the plan of operations, setting the membership fee, and selection of the operations inspectors. The tentative proposal for the plan of operations for next year can be found in the e-mail sent via the member list. (unfortunately in Finnish only). If you have any questions or comments about the proposal, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.

To start the meeting on time, I ask that you all arrive early before the meeting. Remember to pay the association membership fee before the meeting.

Meeting agenda:

  1. Opening
  2. Verification of the legality and quorum of the meeting
  3. Organization of the meeting
  4. Approval of the agenda
  5. Course of action
  6. Announcements
  7. The board’s situation report
  8. Selection of the chair and board for 2022
  9. Approval of the plan of operations for 2022
  10. Setting the membership fee for 2022
  11. Selection of the operations inspectors for 2022
  12. Any other business
  13. Closing

Best regards,

Oona Hanska
Chair of the Board 2021 | Prosessiteekkarit ry
+358 504074822 | puheenjohtaja@prosessiteekkarit.fi
School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University